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| Last Updated: 24/01/2022

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An appeal from the Director, Department of Environment for Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi, 10th September 2021

Eco-friendly GANESH CHATURTHI, 10TH September 2021
Ganesh Festival is one of the main festivals celebrated blissfully and joyfully all over Tamil Nadu. Let us celebrate the “Festival in an eco friendly manner and protect our environment”.


I appeal students and public to celebrate the festival by following some of the Do’s and Dont’s as given below:
Seed Ganesha Idol and Grain Ganesha:
The seed Ganesha idols are ideal for Ganesh Chadurthi. They are generally made out of natural clay, organic fertilizer and seeds. The significance of creating this seed Ganesha is to create plantations which can be grown in pot at the end of the celebration. These are also called as plantable Ganesha idols. An eco friendly grain ganesha is made up with mixture of grains.
Ganesha made of Plaster of Paris or hazardous chemicals and synthetic colors (Paints ):  
Prohibit buying Plaster of Paris (PoP) Idols or idols made of hazardous chemical and synthetic paints. These materials add up more damage to the environment. Use idols colored out of natural colours.
Artificial Immersion Tanks:
Dissolve Eco-friendly Ganesha in a bucket of water or artificial immersion tank for community immersions. The water can be reused for plants and trees in your locality.
Prohibit immersion of idols in Water bodies:
Immersion of Ganesha in water bodies which might’s causes health hazards to community as well ecosystem.
Compost pit for organic material: 
Segregate flowers, garlands and other organic material and put them in to a community built compost pit. This compost material can be used to fertilize garden.
Prohibit throwing of idols in public places and drainage system :
Throwing of idols in public places and drainage system will choke the urban water ways and it will create unnecessary pile of solid waste.
Use pooja items viz., wrapped with Eco friendly materials paper and leaves ect., for easy decomposition
Avoid plastic covers materials packed with single use plastic items during festival season
Painting of idols should be discouraged. In case idols are to be painted, water soluble and nontoxic natural dyes should be used.
Use of toxic and non-biodegradable chemical dyes for painting idols should be strictly prohibited.
Follow covid 19 protocols issued by Government to stop the spread of pandemic
Avoid congregation of mass gathering which will lead to spread of Pandemic


Director of Environment