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| Last Updated:12/05/2023

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Clippings 2022


January 2022:

E-coli found in drinking water samples

Action plan to protect city from climate change

2-day bird survey on TN coast to begin today

Ponds are under 0.5% of Delhi’s area but they’re home to 40% of its bird speciescrackdown on single use plastics in Koyambedu

Parasitic plant found in Nicobar eco hotspot

Mudskippers spotted at Ennore estuary

A striped reminder to the Sunderbans

Pollution levels satisfactory on Bhogi day,  says TNPCB

Aquarists surprised to see Miss Kerala in endangered list

Environment Ministry plan to rank States draws ire

Researchers find anti-cancer activity in marine seagrass

Creating a sustainable city needs equity and though about future generations

Lessons from pandemic can help minimise human –animal conflict




February 2022

31 spotted deer died at IIT-M in 6 months

Of C.V. Raman the botanist and a variegated palette of brilliant floral hues

Researchers report new variety belonging to ginger family

 “Recovery and reuse of waste will paly key role in India’s growth story”

HC directs State to frame scheme for removing Seemai Karuvelam

NGT hits brakes on amusement park ar Villivakkam lake

A blueprint for conservation

Ascertain extent of Pallikaranai marshland:NGT

India has fabulous plant diversity we venerate life-giving plants

‘Without plants, there can be no other stories on Earth-marvels of evolution, plants permit life’

‘In 60 years, climate change took seven years of agri-productivity growth’

Toxic foam triggered by sewage outflow covers marina beach

City researchers test life support systems in underwater vehicle

Tirunelveli records 33,000 birds of 41 species in inland wetland survey

India to make digital maps of all villages



March 2022


April 2022
May 2022:


NGT asks TN to remedy chromium pollution in Ranipet

NGT orders K’taka, TN to protect Thenpennai

Green Tamil Nadu mission to go live at Vandalur Zoo

Breather for coal plants draws anguish

IIT-M’s study to find sources of air pollution in city nearing completion

Vandalur Zoo best in country in conserving species outside their natural habitat:Centre

Eight African cheetahs to land in Jaipur on FridayRemove all encroachments on Buckingham Canal: HC tells TN

10 yrs after oil leak, petroleum found in groundwater: CPCB

Cleanup drive held at besant nagar beach

NGT panel recommends narrower road at Auroville to cut eco-damage

Why the famous Gir lion is hanging out by the beach

The seed of An idea: how millets can help mitigate climate impacts on food

CM launches Green TN Mission

Invasive species: HC seeks monthly reports

Govt. app to capture data on groundwater levels

Threatened habitats: the disappearing song of the Nilgiri blue robin


Lichens are a pioneer species which enable all life – conserving them is vital

Iron sword unearthed at Konthagai excavation site

Lens on Tangedco’s coal import tenders to meet power demand

Cleanliness drive by Southern Rly at Central

Cheetah geneticist backs Kuno project for restoring Indian habitat

NGT: Close all shrimp farms in prohibited zone on ECR

Concrete jungle is slowly pushing wildlife out of city

Draft coastal zone management plan out; feedback sought within a month

Civic agencies to clear invasive species from eco-sensititve areas

Climate Change and mining are impacting the flamingo

The term ‘man-eater’ is ecolonial – the ecological crisis neds new thought

6 varities of neelankurinji identified in Santhanpara region Western Ghats

NGT directs trantrnsco to remove temporary structures built on Ennore wastelands

Tamil nadu launches mission to save critically endangered vultures

New species of grasshopper found in Chidambaram


December 2022