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| Last Updated:: 21/05/2018

Bhuvan Portal Maps




               Bhuvan provides platform to create, visualize, share analyse Geo-spatial data products and service towards spatial Mashups – urban Tourism, irrigation, Forestry, E-Governance, crowd sourcing.  Agriculture, events timely information on various events. 

             The platform aims to support the State Government Departments in realization of Geospatial governance with the help of spatial data at State and National level for serving better to users and in implementing Public scheme.  Bhuvan with its proven platform and technical expertise providing services, application support and value added products, using satellite data and thematic maps for specific requirements of the Government, Public, Private and Academia.


ENVIS Tamil Nadu Bhuvan Portal 



Important Links in Bhuvan 



1.Power Plants of Tamil Nadu, India 




2. Ports and Harbours of Tamil Nadu, India




3. Ports and Harbours of Gujarat, India




The following ISBEID Sectors using Bhuvan Maps:-
5. Industries
7. Natural Resources
9. Water resource
10. Ground Water Resource
11. Ecology
12. Sanitation
13. Water Pollution
14. Air Pollution
15. Bio-diversity
16. Waste
17. Disaster